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ZirconTech is a trusted partner helping organizations to thrive in their digital transformations using its expertise in Blockchain technogies, Mobility, IoT, big data and cloud computing.


Ensure the success of our customers by providing them with the best solution based on state-of-the-art technology.


Alejandro Narancio

Alejandro is a Tech geek and blockchain expert with more than 15 years on the Software Industry.
He has delivered extremelly complex software projects with major institutions in many countries in different industries including finance, real state, and telecomunications. He is a recognized expert in the blockchain field, talks frequently at conferences and industry forums, and has led the delivery of a number of Blockchain solutions.

Andres Zunino

Andres is a seasoned executive with more than 15 years of experience on technology companies.
He has extensive experience in directing high complexity projects, coordinating multicultural teams working cross borders.

Our Expertise


We build solutions on private and public blockchains over Bitcoin, Ethereum and Hyperledger . Over the last years, we have built several real world blockchain application solutions. Our expert team of blockchain developers take care of the full development stack, from deploying nodes and writing smart contracts to front end development and graphic design.


Our experience in development and open source tools, position us with the experience needed to handle all kind of new digital connected devices.
We can also manage connection between sensors and backend services through devices or hardware using different approaches from custom made hardware to integration with third party providers.


We build Mobile and Web Apps using most widely-spread technologies.
Leveraging on our experience in Agile Methodologies, cross-industries knowledge, and a combination of both state-of-the-art and traditional UI tactics, ZirconTech provides clients with amazing Apps helping them to excel in their digital strategy.


Working with Cloud platforms for many years, we developed the expertise and framework to deliver Consultancy services for cloud adoption strategy, application transformation, and support. Our experience includes Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Compute Platform, IBM Bluemix and OpenStack (including, IaaS, Containers, Serverless technologies among others).


We apply our best practices and patterns on the design of a backend ecosystem which allows to accelerate the business in an agile way. We have wide experience providing backend solutions that support scalability, security, availability, performance, quality and high adaptability to internal and external integration

Our Products

BUBI (Blockchain UBI)

Our solution allows the insurance company (or telecom operator) to implement a customized Usage Based Insurance program without involving multiple providers. It includes device provision (black box) and/or applications for data collection, data storage and processing, and applications (web and mobile) for data entering and visualization. Our algorithms provide a scoring system adapted to our customer needs and reality. It also includes, in line with state of the art technologies, a Blockchain development to ensure transparency and security when managing end customer information and multiple stakeholders.

FDI (Fraud Detection for Insurers)

The insurance industry has been affected its margins in the last years due to the frauds that many times can not be detected.

One of the obstacles to preventing some type of fraud is the reluctance of some companies to share information of their customers.

Thanks to Blockchain, we have been able to develop an application that allows us to corroborate if an event has been reported in more than one insurer without having to share the data of its clients. In this way, the costs that are generated by the doubling of payments can be reduced dramatically.

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